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World weather view.
John Walker's World Weather
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Dundee University Satellite Receiving Station
Dundee Satellite Images
View Met Office Rain Charts
BBC Atlantic Pressure Day 1
Meto Atlantic Pressure +12
BBC Atlantic Pressure Day 2
Meto Atlantic Pressure +24
BBC Atlantic Pressure Day 3
Meto Atlantic Pressure +48
BBC Atlantic Pressure Day 4
Meto Atlantic Pressure +72
BBC Atlantic Pressure Day 5
Meto Atlantic Pressure +84

Weather summary for UK/Europe. TWC Summary for UK/Europe.

WetterZentrale 9 day Pressure Prognosis
Wettercentrale - 9 Day GFS
Clouds and rain over Europe
Met Éireann Rainfall Chart

Euro satellite image.Met Office Rain Map

UK Temperatures
UK Temperatures.
Europe Extreme Weather<
MeteoAlarm - Europe Extreme Weather.
UK Pressure and Fronts
UK Pressure and Fronts.
NOAAA Aviation Weather Centre
NOAA Aviation Weather Centre.

Infra Red
Met Office Inf-Red/Visible UK.

Live Lighting
Live Lightning Activity.
UK Lightning
UK Lightning (Blitzortung) .
Europen Lightning
European Lightning (Euclid).
UW SSEC World Satellite Animation
UW SSEC World Satellite

Infra Red Europe
Met Office Infra Red Europe.

Data from 3000+ weather stations
WetterZentrale Europe Temps
Wettercentrale - Temps
WetterZentrale Temperature Prognosis
Wettercentrale - T-Prognosis

WetterZentrale Sea Level PressureWettercentrale - SL Pressure
(Met Office)

WetterZentrale Sea Temps
Wettercentrale - Sea Temps
AllMetSat - access a comprehensive selection of satellite image sources + over 4,000 Metars and Tafs
GFS* Model Animation
UKMO* Model Animation
WeatherOnline NOGAPS Model Animation
NOGAPS* Model Animation
GME* Model Animation
ECMWF* Model Animation

Access all the main Numerical Weather Prediction models (ECM, GFS, UKMO, etc.) at WeatherOnline - here.
Access even more numerical forecast map models at Westwind - 6000 weather links here.
* The Net-weather guide to NWP computer models - ECM, GFS, UKMO, etc.
Thanks to, The Met Office, The BBC, Net-weather, The Weather Channel, US Air Force, Met Éireann, Weather Channel, Wettercentrale, EUMetNet, EUMetSat, Bernard Burton FRMetS,, John Walker, WeatherOnline, Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Meteoblue and Euclid.
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